"Split Seconds"

Words by Herm Mew, Music by Phil Miller

I never sleep right through the night
I wanna watch another TV show
Gonna take in a video
Turning on, pressing remote control
Midnight movies
I want them deep down in my Dada Soul
Hammer horror
I don't care how many times I see them

And even when my head really aches
And the flickering light has made my eyes go red
I can't go to bed

I gotta sleep tight all night
Not gonna watch another video
I got a feeling it's driving me crazy
And what a way to go!
Gazing at the box all night I'm out of control
Need my sleep now
I need it deep down in my Dada Soul
Soulfully yawning, got to be morning
Got to get my head down
I'm going out of my mind again, Dear

Shutting my eyes, I'll turn off the light
And remember to count the sheep
All right, goodnight, I can't go to sleep