"The Rotters' Club" (1975)

  • Share It (R.Sinclair/P.Pyle)
  • Didn't Matter Anyway (R.Sinclair)

    Words by Pip Pyle, Music by Richard Sinclair

    Tadpoles keep screaming in my ear
    "Hey there! Rotter's Club!
    Explain the meaning of this song and share it"

    There's no way of understanding what's been going on
    I lost track yesterday
    Now I found out that it's generosity that turns me on
    So let's keep it that way
    Help yourself to me, I'll help myself to you
    and all your friends - we can spread it around
    So if you can spare it then come on and share it
    Let's get on with it cause we're wasting our time

    Please do not take it seriously really, what a joke!
    The only thing that matters is to share it

    Crass displays of acute embarrassment would make you cringe
    Spend your money elsewhere
    I won't trouble you with all that cheap philosophy
    It's better still to watch that on T.V.
    Most especially adverts of some slinky hairspray
    When the plastic actresses take off their clothes
    Just to demonstrate all their curves and cleavages
    and subtleties quite forgetting their hair

    Please do not take it seriously really, what a joke!
    The only thing to do is grin and bear it

    Mirthless merriment, sickly sentiments so commonplace
    It would bore you to tears
    Give me non-stop laughter, dispel disaster
    Or the Rotter's Club might well lop off your ears

    Laughing and drinking, dancing, grooving, stoned again
    Falling over singing, hoping that you'll share it

    Words and Music by Pip Pyle

    You don't suspect my life's a mess
    You prob'ly think it's groovy
    Meeting people every day
    See some place abroad
    But I admit that when the time is right
    It can be quite a laugh
    But you know, that's not often
    Eventually, I think that you will agree
    I'm only putting lines out
    And shifting gears, missing years disappear

    As for you I couldn't bear to think of it
    They said you were Swedish
    You asked me for a chocolate bar
    Then you went and spoiled it all by eating it
    What a pain, what a nause!
    You can imagine my delight
    Was like some R. Crumb magazine come to life
    Thank you ladies you had us all
    I hope you both enjoyed it

    But just the same
    I'm happy just to sit around at home
    With Pamela looking elegant and writing prose
    If anyone's in need of me
    I'm drowning in the bathroom

    Bing billy bong - silly song going wrong
    Ping pong ping, clong cling dong
    Ping pong ping, my head's gone

    Bing billy bang, Desperate Dan, frying pan
    Cling clong cling, bong bing bang
    Michael Miles, bogeyman

    Words and Music by Richard Sinclair

    It didn't matter anyway
    We'll meet again some other day
    Till then keep well
    You'll be in my dreams
    Goodnight, goodbye, bye for now...

    The time has come to leave you
    Please don't feel alone
    For now that we've met
    There'll be a way to reach you and say
    "Never mind..."

    It didn't matter anyway
    We'll meet again some other day
    Till then keep well
    You'll be in my dreams
    Goodnight, goodbye, bye for now...

    Words and Music by Dave Stewart

    I have minded my P's and Q's
    Tried not to damage any W's
    And if I tread upon a B
    I'll pick it up and tell it earnestly
    "I'm sorry!"
    Which of course I am
    You mustn't upset them
    Or badly neglect them
    Or else they'll refuse to work for you

    I have minded my V's and U's
    Tried to prevent them being badly used
    And if I tread upon the C
    I tend to sink beneath the surface gracefully

    As for the task of keeping O's and K's apart
    You'd be right to suppose that this is quite an art
    I've trod with caution round the J's and Z's
    I remain a man of letters to the end
    Balancing syllables upon my knees
    I've flown through the air with the greatest of E's
    I did what you told me to
    Now I only have I's for U

    Words by Richard Sinclair (with Dave Stewart), Music by Richard Sinclair

    We're needing your love to guide us
    If you just could, then we just would
    Join in the mood of being
    Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth

    If you feel like singing, sing it
    If you just could, then we just would
    Feel what the other's feeling
    Even though we're far apart

    Thanks for the colours you gave me
    With them I can make a new start
    Plan a new part for the future
    A new resolution, gather my thoughts
    Follow my heart, for here I am
    Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth, gently drifting
    Caught in my dreams, supported by schemes
    we wrote together, wondering whether
    the words that were missing didn't belong
    or might have been wrong
    But so long as we can, we'll...

    Follow moonbeams from afar
    Touch the moon and chase the stars
    Catch the sun and let it go
    Find a way of saying so
    Happy with you when we're
    Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth we'll remain
    It's not like England, Holland or Spain!
    What on Earth or what in Heaven's name
    Is happening to me?
    With you I want to be - I'll never leave you!

    Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth
    Being with you's harmony
    Sing a new song for the future
    Although it's absurd just how it occurs
    Without any words - goes 'do-dah-dee,
    Doodle a-do-dah...'