"The Polite Force" (1970)

  • A Visit To Newport Hospital (M.Campbell/D.Stewart)
  • Contrasong (M.Campbell)

    Words by Mont Campbell, Music by Mont Campbell and Dave Stewart

    There used to be a time when we lived in the van
    We used to loon about with Janice, Liza and Ann
    Now looking back it seemed to be a happy time
    And so we kid ourselves we didn't really mind
    The hang-ups and the lack of bread

    There were four of us then, the group was Uriel
    We played five nights a week at Ryde Castle Hotel
    We spent our time avoiding skinheads and the law
    It was a freedom that we'd never felt before
    And now we're doing this instead

    It was a way of life that was completely new
    And so we found that we had quite a lot to do
    The time passed slowly and each day was much the same
    We ate and loved and slept and no-one was to blame
    For saying things better left unsaid

    Words and Music
    by Mont Campbell

    Gazing quite vacantly into space one day sitting up in my bed
    surrounded by a few Sunday papers and their colour supplements
    all of them superficially interesting happily unaware that somewhere
    somebody was aware that somewhere somebody was awake
    and well undisturbed living on

    Glancing quite speedily through assortments of horrible illustrations
    of atrocities and apologies of editors but they felt it was necessary
    for people to see the pcitures on no account were they attempting
    to boost their paper's circulation I felt a wave
    closed my eyes which was worse

    Nevertheless I was I suppose quite at ease at home
    with my food brought up at intervals to my bed with all the sympathy I could want
    and with all the time in the world to write thank-you letters to
    all the people kind enough to send Christmas presents
    when they knew I was really very insignificant