After years of hard work, my book on the Canterbury Scene is finally out, as of April 2016. Unfortunately for now, it is available only in French, but an English translation should follow in the not-too-distant future.

The book aims to provide the definitive history of the Canterbury scene, as documented in the extensive press archive I have had access to, and as told by its protagonists, a lot of whom I have interviewed. The book also offers a critical perspective on the vast musical legacy of that scene.

For more details, the book's foreword (by Jonathan Coe) and the first chapter can be read on the Le Mot et le Reste website, where it can also be ordered in you're based in France. Otherwise, the book is available from all the usual places.

The blog

I have also just opened a blog where I will share some of the mountain of material I have amassed over years of research that couldn't fit into a 700-page book - interviews, entries focusing on minute details etc. And that's (mostly) in English !

Please visit the blog, leave comments, subscribe, suggest topics for future entries, send feedback (at:, etc.

In related news...

French and French-speaking readers may be interested to know that I have published three other books, about Pink Floyd, King Crimson and progressive rock - they can be ordered preferrably direct from the publisher, or in selected bookstores. I have been on several radio shows to discuss these books (again, in French only - sorry!)