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  • Facelift, web home of the classic Canterbury fanzine... where it all began (for me anyway)
  • The Polite Force (blog) ("A music community for those who like Canterbury")
  • Andy Murkin'sCanterbury pages (Egg, Hatfield and the North, and National Health pages, and more)
  • Fol De Rol, another online Canterbury Discography (from Japan) (this site is no longer updated)
  • A list of Canterbury-related bootleg CDs, for information only - most of them have awful sound quality anyway !!
  • Canterbury Family Trees : Masaya Ichikawa has out-Frame'd Peter Frame - check this out!

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Follow this link to a detailed presentation of Canterbury publications.

Record Labels

  • Canterbury Specialists
    • Cuneiform Records (Soft Machine, Hugh Hopper, Phil Miller, Elton Dean, Gilgamesh, National Health...) [P.O. Box 8427, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8427 (USA)] - E-Mail
    • Voiceprint (John Greaves, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Soft Machine, National Health, Mashu...) [P.O. Box 5, Derwentside, Co. Durham DH9 7HR (UK)] - E-Mail
    • MoonJune Records (Elton Dean, SoftWorks, Soft Machine Legacy...)
    • Burning Shed (artists-initiated releases and archive projects incl. Hatfield & The North, Egg, Hugh Hopper, Geoff Leigh and The Happy Balloons)
    • Hux Records (specialising in BBC sessions - Soft Machine, Elton Dean's Ninesense, Isotope etc.)
    • Flamedog Records (run by Orlando Allen and Max Wilcox, releasing original albums as well as re-releasing several out of print titles by Gilli & Daevid & other members of the Gong family)
    • Orkhestra International (French distributor for Cuneiform, RéR, a label in its own right, and mail-order-vendor) - E-mail
    • Snapper Music (Gong)
    • Gimini Music (Lydia & Sophia Domancich, Short Wave...) - E-Mail
    • LoLo Records (Gongzilla, Bon, Project Lo...) [P.O. Box 122, Riverton, N.J. 08077 (USA)] - E-Mail
    • East Side Digital (National Health, Henry Cow, Mont Campbell...) [530 North 3rd Street, Minneapolis MN 55401 (USA)] - E-Mail
    • Ponk Records (Hugh Hopper) [P.O. Box 3664, Bloomington, IL 61702 (USA)] - E-Mail
    • HTD Records (Caravan) [1st Floor Suite, 159 Blendon Road, Bexley, Kent DA5 1BT (UK)] - E-Mail
    • RéR Megacorp (Henry Cow related) [79 Beulah Rd, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8JG (UK)] - E-Mail
    • Tangram Records (Didier Malherbe) [Paris]
    • Slam Records (Elton Dean & co) [England]
    • Crammed Discs (Fred Frith) [Belgium]
  • Labels with Canterbury-Related Releases

Online CD Vendors

Radio Shows

  • The Trip with Clay Gaunce is a programme which airs weekly on WRFL (88.1), the University of Kentucky's *other* radio station in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Clay produces and hosts the show, in which Canterbury music is prominently featured, Saturday evenings from 6:00-9:00. He got his radio legs during the early 70's when, as he puts it, "People actually paid me to broadcast the music I love! It was reassuring, to say the least, when the students who run WRFL asked me to do 'The Trip', especially now that I'm an old fart!" You may read more about the show, see playlists, etc., at 'The Trip' web site.
  • Dreams Wide Awake is a radio show hosted by Jason Ellerbee, that airs Friday nights from 6 to 10 pm, Eastern time. It is a music show that features progressive rock and related music, such as fusion, symphonic, RIO, electronic, Canterbury, zeuhl, and other traditionally un-radio-friendly music. "I try to bring to the audience wildly experimental, eclectic, adventurous, and hard-to-find music, from 'well-known' artists like King Crimson, Yes, or Frank Zappa, to relative unknowns like Magma, National Health, or Änglagård". Dreams Wide Awake is one of many student-run radio shows on WOSP Osprey Radio, broadcasting from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL.
  • The Prog-Rock Diner is a programme produced by Debbie Bradshaw and broadcast since 1991. It airs on Sunday nights from 8 to 10pm EST in the USA. The show is broadcast on the internet, and also on cable radio in Fairfax County, Virginia. It can also be picked up through the cable TV station Channel 37 on Cox cable.My name is Debbie Bradshaw. I've been producing a progressive rock radio.
  • Mark From Holland is a Dutch progressive rock radio show hosted by Mark Deren. For more information, check out his webpage.
  • Opposition De Phase is a French radio show devoted to avant-prog and creative new music. For more information, check out their website, or write to: 41 bvd Vauban, 59046 Lille Cedex
  • Artist Shop Radio : Artist Shop Radio is unique among internet radio station in that it doesn't have just one source for the programming, but many. And the programmers are basically the progressive musicians and independent labels themselves who are getting such a raw deal from todays radio industry. The current list of Artist Shop Radio Program Directors include: Roy Albrighton (of Nektar), Adrian Belew Presents, Jon Durant of Alchemy Records, Marc Wagnon of Buckyball Records, Camel, Cuneiform Records, Richard Leo Johnson, Mike Keneally, LoLo Records, Magna Carta Records, Northside Records, Andy Rinehart, Neil Sadler, Richard Sinclair & Kit Watkins
  • Splunge Radio : an online radio channel specialising in progressive music
  • Planet Prog : The host of Planet Prog, Mark Krueger, recently aired an interview with Daevid Allen. mp3 files of the most recent shows and the interviews are listed on the Playlist page.
  • Gagliarchives : a progressive rock radio show hosted by Tom Gagliardi and broadcast on Saturday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on 88.9 WBZC FM at Burlington County College in Pemberton, NJ. The station covers the Delaware Valley.

Please contact me if you want to have your radio show added to this list!